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Roasting Pumpkins To Make Purée

First thing’s first: I need some pumpkin purée if I’m going to succeed at Pumpkin-palooza bake-athon! I’ve steamed fresh pumpkin before but everyone raves about roasting it, which I’m clueless about. I jumped on the fantastical inter-web and found simple and foolproof instructions at The District Domestic‘s blog …plus an adorable doggy/pumpkin photo to boot! Check out her original post HERE.

Ok, with The District Domestic‘s guidance, I will now roast not just one BUT TWO sugar pumpkins and make purée out of them…

“Start by washing the pie pumpkin (a great variety for pies is Baby Pam)…”

I used a Sugar variety of pumpkin and I have to admit, it was my first time washing a pumpkin. I used dish soap (not sure if that was correct to do, but it worked!), rinsed thoroughly then dried.


“…then break off the stem and hack it in half…”

Snapping a stem off a pumpkin was surprisingly easy! So much so, my husband was impressed and antsy to try it on the second pumpkin.


“…Then scoop out the seeds…”

So far, so good!


“…Fill a 13×9″ pan with 1/4″ water. Place pumpkins skin side up…”

I used a cookie sheet with a rim so I could fit both pumpkins into my tiny oven at one time. It worked, but I had to be VERY steady sliding it in and out of the oven.


“…roast at 400 degrees until very tender… This usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour…”

45 minutes was perfect in my oven!


A stab with a fork confirmed that the pumpkin meat was soft and squishy under the now-dark-orange skin:


“…Scoop the soft flesh from the skins…”

I just used a big metal spoon but it was like cutting into butter.


“…puree in a food

I ran the food processor on the “dough” setting for about two minutes, stopping halfway through to scrape the sides with a silicone spatula. The end result was much lighter than canned pumpkin but had an incredibly sweet, fresh and delicious smell. My three-year-old actually begged to lick the spatula… so I let him, without guilt! …and after cleaning it spotless, he BEGGED to dip it back in the purée for more!


Oh my God! I actually did it!! The District Domestic is a genius!


Now, let’s get cooking…

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