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Customer Service Review: Taylor & Ng Mug

Bunnies will be bunnies. Don’t judge.

Every time we’ve visited my in-laws over the years, I couldn’t help but giggle whenever they served us coffee in what can only be described on the Taylor & Ng website as a “Blue Daytime Animates With Rabbits” mug. Funniest thing ever.

This picture came from my MIL’s Facebook page. I don’t know what better demonstrates our family weirdness: The bunnies… or the monkey.

So you can probably imagine how I flipped when they gave us our own set of Taylor & Ng mugs for Christmas one year. Not only did I get my own “Le Lapin” naughty bunnies mug, but they found me a matching perverted penguins mug too!

Cutest. Penguin orgy. Ever.

…That is, of course, until I removed my glorious new rabbit mug from the dishwasher (after only a few uses) and found a horrific crack encircling the handle. The handle literally fell off with the slightest touch, taking a slice of the cup portion of the mug with it.

I cried.

Then I pulled myself together, went online to the Taylor & Ng website, looked up their contact info and wrote what has got to be the most serious email of my life:


SUBJECT: Taylor & Ng Le Lapin Mug


I’m desperately hoping you can help me! I am the proud owner of one of your blue “Le Lapin” mugs, dated 2010 on the bottom. My in-laws bought it for me after I mentioned that their vintage one always made me smile! 🙂 My mug has only been used 3-4 times since I received it and (being that it’s so special to me), I treat it with the utmost care. So imagine my disappointment when I took it out of the dishwasher today and it has a crack that encircles the handle.

I’m absolutely devastated!! The crack appears to originate from an imperfection in the glaze and I have to wonder if that might be the result of a bubble or imperfection in the actual ceramic that may have caused a weak spot. I’d be happy to provide pictures if you’d like to see it. I’m wondering if you have a replacement or exchange policy? Or can tell me of a reliable way to repair this kind of crack? I’m a huge fan of your mugs and even got you three sales recently, from friends who saw a picture of my mug on my facebook and Instagram when I shared my devastation over the crack. They all wanted to know where to buy such a funny mug! 🙂 If there is any way you can help me with my mug, I would be forever grateful… plus I’ll have a happy ending for my friends who are following the story.
Thank you!
Ann Milligan

I pouted for a while, sadly displaying my cracked mug on top of the microwave while I researched potential repair options. Unfortunately nothing seemed like a permanent food-grade fix. I had nearly resolved to downgrading my favorite mug to desktop pencil cup status when (11 days after submitting my initial message) I received a response from Taylor & Ng:


SUBJECT: Taylor & Ng Le Lapin Mug


We are sorry to hear about your mug. We do not recommend repair. We can send you a replacement mug. Please give us your shipping address.

Thank you.
Taylor & Ng

I immediately responded with the requested information. Then I waited. And waited. And waited… Nothing. After waiting almost two weeks I wrote them again:


SUBJECT: Taylor & Ng Le Lapin Mug

Hi Victor,

I responded to your Email with my mailing address back in February, but still have not received a replacement mug. I’m wondering if my response did not reach you. Here, again, is my address. Please confirm that you received this message. I miss my “Le Lapin” mug SO MUCH! 😦

Thank you,

Ann Milligan

Although I never received a response, I was overjoyed when a package arrived a couple days later containing a brand new replacement mug.

These pictures speak for themselves:

😦 … 🙂

Sad bunnies… Happy bunnies!

Final Conclusion: Unreliable email responses but satisfactory action taken. Excellent product and the company stands by it.
Customer Service WIN!

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