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Unboxing The Baby Box


The baby box has arrived and I won’t lie… I’m freaking out a little! I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these and I’ll be honest: It doesn’t disappoint. In case you missed my previous post about Finland’s Baby Boxes reaching the US …or have been living in a hole and somehow don’t know about the awesomeness of Baby Boxes… I strongly encourage you to take a minute and get caught up by clicking here.

Our specific Baby Box is a fresh delivery directly from The Baby Box Company. They offer several different options depending on your needs and budget so I definitely suggest exploring their website if you’re curious. This particular one is The Nature Box and is loaded with lots of amazing natural products. In this post I’ll be unboxing it so you can see exactly how it arrives and what kinds of goodies you can expect to find within. Keep in mind that the exact products offered may vary but this is what I received, exactly how it arrived.

And so it begins…

12789743_10207480053371780_1953056504_oThat’s a big box!! Bad Kitty Bessie was just as excited as Charlie and I (and the other kids) to crack open the outer box and check it out.

First impression: It’s huge! I don’t know what I was expecting but the box that arrived was gigantic. Even the delivery guy seemed amused. Luckily it’s very light and I had no trouble bringing it inside myself. The delivery box is very convenient for keeping the Baby Box itself clean and safe (from kids and cats). If you’re anything like I was while prepping for each of my children and like to stock up on supplies and clothes while your bun is still in the oven, the outer box is a keeper.

12773437_10207480518223401_1453186951_oThat’s what we call a perfect fit! No joke: The person who packs these must have small fingers.

It’s obvious from the pictures on The Baby Box Company’s webpage that the patterns and designs on the box itself vary dramatically. We were stoked to receive an adorable owl pattern though. It was just a really lucky break since they obviously didn’t know our family is obsessed with owls… a theme that ran throughout the contents too. More on that later though.

12765733_10207480527423631_1152443330_o“Can I eat this? …Should I try anyway?”

But it’s what’s on the inside that counts

The box had tons of fun stuff inside. I’ll do my best to thoroughly list, picture and describe everything we received. In case it’s not obvious from the photos themselves, I also want to mention that everything was the highest quality and I was honestly surprised to find some of the best safety and natural product brands included.

12790146_10207480055091823_1172384768_oSo much awesomeness!

The Traditional Finnish-Inspired Baby Box

12755221_10207480056051847_662287411_oIt looks so cozy and peaceful.

The box is adorable. I love the little owl pattern …and the fact that it extends to the inside of the box. I can only imagine how much a baby would enjoy looking at them while falling asleep. The box is very sturdy, measures 26-3/4 inches by 16-3/4 inches by 11-1/2 inches and includes a matching lid. I feel like I’m stating the obvious here but the lid is NOT intended for use while a baby is actually in the box. DUH! It’s meant to allow the box to live on as a storage container once it has outgrown its usefulness as a baby bed. Also included is an extremely comfy fitted baby mattress (that has been certified as non-toxic, safe and chemical free) with waterproof cover and 100% cotton fitted sheet.

Adorable Owl Lovey

12767833_10207480059811941_1948604856_oI mentioned an owl theme, right?

The owl lovey is not only adorable but super cuddly soft too. Made by Angel Dear, a company based out of the San Francisco bay area that prides itself on making quality products that last, as well as using organic and recycled materials whenever possible. I personally love blanket-style loveys because they are incredible useful to keep baby’s hands occupied while breastfeeding (a chore that becomes difficult when they reach the “pinching and scratching mommy” phase).

Two Unisex Onesies

12787549_10207480056571860_761142870_oForgive the wrinkles but I literally just opened the box upon arrival.

The onesies are great quality! The brand is actually The Baby Box Company so I was skeptical at first… but then I touched them! The fabric is 100% cotton, really soft and thick enough that they’ll easily last several years (or several babies) as hand-me-downs. And did I mention the cute factor? Because these are super cute! And the sloth and tree designs are both legitimately unisex.

Duckie Romper

12773341_10207480055651837_1229025839_oToo. Much. Cuteness.

Like the onesies, the romper is also made by The Baby Box Company of extremely soft 100% cotton fabric. Unlike the onesies, it has long sleeves, attached feet and an adorable duckie patch.

Sleep Sack

12787583_10207480058451907_1397024137_oNot the best picture, but you can see how cute it is on the baby on the package.

I’ve always been a huge fan of sleep sacks and HALO makes the best ones. We have a small collection of them already because my kids were all born either right before the chilly fall weather or right in the midst of it. They went to bed in sleep sacks every night, especially when we lived at Rancho Hurtado (and later at the cabin) where there was no heat. Needless to say, they have my highest recommendation. A must-have for new parents.

Two Terry Cloth Bibs 

Cute colors and useful too!

Green Sprouts have some of the highest rated terry cloth bibs on Amazon …so I was extremely excited to receive not one, but two! Green Sprouts is a brand commited to making safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly baby products that are free of BPA and PVC. These bibs are a good size to last from first drool to food stains, are made of lightweight but great quality (tight knitted) terry cloth in shades of blue an have a simple Velcro closure.

Organic Wood Teething Ring

12773290_10207480052971770_397238795_oIt even came with a cute drawstring bag!

Natural organic wood teethers are the most basic baby item. Honestly, every baby should have one! I remember looking high and low for one when my first was just starting to teeth and they were impossible to find. Nowadays you can get them everywhere… including in your Baby Box!

Organic Burp Cloths and Washcloths

12788830_10207480151294228_2063682114_oThese will come in handy…

I received two burp cloths and two washcloths made by The Baby Box Company of 55% organic hemp and 45% organic cotton. These are easily the softest fabric I’ve ever touched. I was thinking how amazing the burp cloths would be to make cloth wipes out of, but I could never cut them up. They’re just too nice!

Hat, Socks and Mittens

12789710_10207480632066247_855942939_oThey’re sooooo tiny!!!

These are the most basic of newborn baby staples: A comfy stretchy cap, a couple pairs of socks and a pair of mittens. Simple white …but very sturdy. I’d go as far as to say they feel like hospital grade materials. Nothing flashy, but certainly made to last.

Lots of Goodies

12790185_10207480061651987_1113734392_oIt’s like a goody bag… in a giant box!

The Nursery Thermometer is made by Safety 1st and can be used for underarm, rectal or oral readings. Definitely a nursery necessity! The pacifier clip is made by Bumkins, who also makes some of the cutest bibs and cloth diapers you’ll ever see (and that last forever too). The natural diaper rash cream and organic baby food samples are just an added bonus (part of the “swag bag” of coupons and samples).

Bonus Coupons 

12765787_10207480065012071_649002269_oCoupons! For really cool stuff!

I’m sure the specific deals vary, so I won’t go into too much detail other than to say that there are some awesome deals in here.

Swag Bag

12776690_10207480064172050_1959081797_oEveryone loves a little extra swag.

The handy drawstring bag comes chocked full of discount coupons, special offers, free samples, a flyer that shares the history and use of the Baby Box and a membership card for Baby Box University.

Baby Box University Membership Card

Baby Box University is a great resource, especially for new parents. It offers information on all matters of babies and parenting from top professionals in each field. I had a little trouble registering on the website at first but The Baby Box Company was extremely fast to respond and got the issue worked out immediately. I have to mention that their customer service and support is impeccable.

…So there you have it! That’s my Baby Box. The adventure isn’t over though. I’m planning one more post in which I’ll be sharing pictures of the products from the box in use on an actual baby. Unfortunately Evie is too big (although she would try if I let her) and the cat would never forgive me, but I am a mommy with baby connections and have already secured a suitable volunteer. Stay tuned.

12788776_10207481231081222_833460745_o (1)“Try me. I’ll cut you.”

Disclaimer: Lost and Farm was sent the above product to facilitate the review. However, this did not sway my opinion in any way. All opinions in this review are 100% my own honest opinion and therefore may differ from your own.

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