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Always-On Chromebook Zip Case by Volume Cases (Review)

At this point, I’ve probably mentioned my new Dell Chromebook 11 about a million times but for a work-at-home-mom and freelance writer it really is a game changer. The thought of it being destroyed to the extent of my previous laptop (a six-year-old HP laptop with a broken CD Rom, missing keys and bent screen) makes me a little nauseous. I’ve always been a very outspoken advocate for investing in your investments: Spending a little money on a quality product NOW to help protect your expensive device in the long run is definitely a worthwhile investment. So I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review a couple extremely unique chromebook cases that fit the bill perfectly and would give my chromebook the protection it deserves around my three kids and on the go. Today I’ll be describing my experiences and impression of the Always-On Chromebook Zip Case by Volume Cases. Right from the start, I can tell you that this case is extremely sleek!


My initial impression of the case is that I love the color! Mine came in this really pretty vivid blue shade but they’re available in 25 different colors. This makes them ideal for schools and businesses that need to buy cases in bulk to protect the devices they loan out to employees and students. As you can probably imagine, there isn’t a school or company color that the Zip Case can’t accommodate. As a mom though, I can’t help but think how perfect all the color options are for personalizing cases for individual children, especially for families that homeschool. Each child’s chromebook would be easily identifiable. Plus they have these awesome little ID pockets that fit a standard business card, student ID or…


Did I mention I like glitter glue? Because I love glitter glue!

A little Mom Bling! I literally colored a piece of cardboard that I’d cut from an old cereal box, but obviously anything would work. Crafty name tags are a great way for kids to customize their individual cases though. And speaking of kids: The colorful fabric options aren’t just pretty, they’re super durable. That’s ballistic nylon, the same fabric gun cases and high-end luggage are made from.


With and without the sweet chromebook filling.

Not only is the case made from ballistic nylon but it has all kinds of other protective features. As you can see in the pictures above, the case also has a very rugged nylon edge that extends 1/4″ around the device to help absorb shock when dropped. Obviously the goal is to NOT drop the chromebook, but it’s definitely reassuring to know there’s a backup plan to help stick the landing. Speaking from experience, my toddler took exactly three seconds to shove my device off the kitchen table when she first saw it and (despite the entire scene feeling like it was unfolding in slow motion) I literally held my breath when I realized I couldn’t get to the table in time to catch it before it hit the hard linoleum. That extended edge did it’s job though. The chromebook suffered no damage whatsoever. None. I almost cried, I was so relieved.


This little rectangle is actually an impressive piece of engineering.

A closer look inside the case reveals a super soft velour interior and these intriguing little raised rectangles referred to as “air risers”. The air risers prevent the chromebook from overheating by allowing airflow beneath the device. This is an especially important feature in any case but especially important in a case that’s intended to remain on the device at all times. My old laptop used to get so hot it would burn my legs if used directly on my lap and shut off from overheating if placed flat on a table or hard surface. My solution was to use it propped up on an overturned milk crate… which was exactly as inconvenient and stupid-looking as it sounds. With the Zip Case I can use my new chromebook for several hours with it sitting directly on my lap without feeling even the slightest hint of heat! I had no idea little raised rectangles could be so effective.


It’s like the sports coup of always-on cases.

The Zip Case is remarkably compact for an always-on case. I’ve looked at numerous brands and models in recent weeks and (aside from the ridiculously unprotective “skin” cases) none were as compact as the Zip Case. The fact that it is so incredibly protective is almost shocking. Watch this video and you’ll know what I’m talking about (and you’ll pretty much relive my own personal nightmare from having my own chromebook dropped. That’s exactly how it looked!).


Notice the lack of wiggle room.

As for the fit, the Zip Case comes in several sizes to perfectly accommodate different devices. As you can see, the various size options pay off because mine fits like a glove.


The corner tabs do a bang-up job of snugly securing the chromebook. The chromebook slides easily into them and once in place feels extremely stable (whether the case is open or closed). The surprisingly unintrusive clear plastic upper tabs aren’t noticeable in the slightest when the chromebook is turned on. I was honestly concerned they would bug me but it’s like they disappear.

Only the best!

Can’t forget who makes the Zip Case! I strongly recommend checking out the Volume Cases website to read more about the Zip Case, check out their other cases, watch videos, read about their 5 year warranty and check out the customization options. Plus, if you’re feeling it, place an order! 😉

It’s called a Zip Case for a reason!

My favorite feature of the Zip Case!

As a computing mom on the go, I get frustrated trying to haul my chromebook around while dragging three kids and a diaper bag… but thanks to the Zip Case I can now fit it safely inside the diaper bag! In fact, it fits perfectly in my Ju-Ju-Be “Be All” bag. And I have to admit, they look pretty darn good together too!

Breakdown: Great case, sleek design, amazing color options and unusually compact without sacrificing protection. And did I mention it fits in a standard diaper bag? Yeah, that! Highly recommended.

Disclaimer: Lost and Farm was sent the above product to facilitate the review. However, this did not sway my opinion in any way. All opinions in this review are 100% my own honest opinion and therefore may differ from your own.

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