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KitchenArt Spice Cabinet Makeover

The most embarrassing thing in our home used to be the spice cabinet. Ironically, it’s one of those places that no one really sees except me… aside from my husband on his occasional search for red pepper flakes… but it has bugged me for as long as I can remember. With “Spring Cleaning” upon us I was recently motivated to organize some of the more crammed spaces in the apartment, included the dreaded spice cabinet.

Luckily I had a glimmer of hope in the form of a few essential spice organizing tools from KitchenArt to help accomplish my impossible mission.


My scary spice cabinet doesn’t stand a chance!

My favorite of the KitchenArt products is hands-down the Select-A-Spice Auto Measure Carousel. This wasn’t actually my first time working with one. Back in 2013, we lived in a tiny rural cabin and our only form of storage was three shelves that stretched the length of our tiny kitchen. To help us free up a little room from my collection of mismatched spice bottles, a friend had given me a Select-A-Spice Carousel. I was shocked by what a difference it made…


My very first Select-A-Spice. It was love at first sight! Especially when it reduced my pile of bottles into usable space.

The Select-A-Spice carousel was magic. Not only did it put all my spices in one compact, easy to navigate display (the additional bottles in the middle picture were the extra spices I saved for refilling the carousel) but each individual canister could dispense exactly 1/4 teaspoon of spice with a single click… so I literally went a couple years without touching a measuring spoon.


One of Select-A-Spice’s many magic powers. [Photos by KitchenArt]

The other thing I think is really unique for the Select-A-Spice is that you can use it in three different spots in the kitchen. For our tiny apartment, we really only have space to store them inside the cabinet (since there isn’t much counter space and the undersides of the cabinets have a decorating lip that prevents anything from hanging underneath) but I look forward to the day when we have a kitchen big enough to stack or cabinet-mount my spice carousels.


Options, options, options: Flat on the counter (or in my case, in the cabinet), mounted under the cabinet or stacked. [Photos by KitchenArt]

And now to put it to use for the task at hand…


This one-dimensional picture actually makes my spice cabinet look FABULOUS… but try finding anything that isn’t already in the existing Select-A-Spice. 😦

Notice all the extra spices that didn’t fit in the existing carousel? They were overflowing into the top shelf that was supposed to only be used for oils and sauces. Add seasoning packets and numerous salt and pepper canisters to the mix and, well, good luck finding anything. Ever. Still, I hadn’t realized the extent of the problem until I pulled everything out onto the kitchen table…


This is the exact moment that I realized I’m a spice hoarder.

First thing’s first, I needed to reduce the ridiculous number of of salt and pepper canisters. I don’t know if I was expecting some kind of snail invasion or something, but I had two huge canisters of salt and three of sea salt. I also counted four shakers of black pepper and two bottles of whole black peppercorns. Again, I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought them all but I obviously wasted a huge amount of money simply because my spice cabinet was so disorganized that I repeatedly couldn’t find items so I continuously re-purchased them. It wasn’t hard to convince myself to bite the bullet and reduce them all down to a single dispenser… a decision that was made much easier thanks to the KitchenArt Duel Ended Salt and Pepper Grinder.


Save room, grind from both ends!

I chose to donate all the table salt and pepper shakers to our neighbor and filled the Duel Ended Grinder with the sea salt and whole black pepper. Not only does it save a ton of space in the cabinet, but the quality of salt and pepper we use just improved tenfold moving forward.


This has to be the smartest… and simplest… thing ever invented. EVER.

The KitchenArt Packet Pocket was the third item used to improve my spice cabinet experience. Let me just say that this thing is brilliant! It adheres to the inside of the cabinet door with a really strong adhesive strip and is the perfect size to hold all the little spice packets that I tend to lose immediately after purchasing. Case in point: I have taco seasoning on my shopping list for this weekend… and found three packets of taco seasoning mixed throughout my spice cabinet when I emptied it out. Seriously.

In the end, how much of a difference did three KitchenArt products make on my spice cabinet? Well, for one, I no longer have any spices on the top shelf at all (just oils and sauces). I can also easily find (and dispense!) every single spice I own …with the exception of anise and ground cloves which the instructions advise against using in the Select-A-Spice. I can also stop wasting money buying unneccessary duplicate spices (and especially salt and pepper) because I can now clearly see how much I have on hand of each item. Plus it’ll be a while before I need to buy taco seasoning again. The final result…


My spice cabinet is no longer an embaressment!

If you’re interested in doing your own spice cabinet makeover (or just want to buy one or all of these amazing products), take a minute to visit the KitchenArt website. Many of their items come in different colors to coordinate with your kitchen too. Plus there’s a huge array of other amazing storage and measuring products to explore. It’s worth checking out.


Disclaimer: Lost and Farm was sent the above products to facilitate the review. However, this did not sway my opinion in any way. All opinions in this review are 100% my own honest opinion and therefore may differ from your own.

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