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How OhmConnect is Saving Electricity and Buying Us Diapers

As California natives, our family is no stranger to saving electricity. We’re accustomed to dealing with rolling blackouts and increased utility rates. All of our lightbulbs are twisty. Our air conditioner is rarely run. Our water heater is turned waaaaay down. We never run major appliances before 4pm… So if you were to ask us to try to save electricity the request would seem, well, redundant. We *already* do that! Now, if you were to say you’d *pay us* just to turn our lights and TV off for an hour, well then you might actually get our attention.

That’s exactly what a company called OhmConnect is doing…

When I first heard about the program I was extremely skeptical. I ignored my friend’s facebook posts and the ads that frequently popped up on my social media networks. It sounded “scammy”. But then my husband actually visited the website and did a little research before determining that it was actually legit. He signed up for an account through a friend’s referral link. “We got $20 just for signing up!” He said. My response? “Uh huh. What’s the catch? Did we earn $20 worth of wood chips? Coupons? A credit to use on their website?” Nope. $20 was in our PayPal account. I immediately transferred it to our bank. It’s real money. Seriously!!!

The added bonus? Ohm Connect actually helps save energy too! How does it work? I think the image from their website explains it best:


Needless to say, I was hooked! I started exploring the site and anxiously awaited our first “Ohm Hour” (the time in which the program encourages you to reduce your power usage for one hour). A couple days later I finally received the long-awaited text on my cell phone:

And for the record: They definitely don’t do generic text messages. They’re always pretty entertaining…


After that first text, I jumped into action and immediately turned off the TV, as well as the lights in the kitchen and bedroom. I even turned the cable box off… just in case. The kids were confused at first but when I explained we were having an “electricity saving hour” they got excited.

“Can we light candles?!” No. But we can go for a walk! In fact, we didn’t actually come home for a couple hours so I guess we’re overachievers.


Yes, my kid is on a leash. Don’t judge. She’s two years old and our apartment complex has no sidewalks. I’d rather be criticized by non-parents and people who’ve never had a tear-away, darting toddler than have a dead kid. Deal with it! 

After commencement of our first Ohm Hour I stalked the website for the next couple days until it reflected our successful results. 

Aaaaand *BAM* the first little yellow stripe by the lightening bolt was lit up. We were on our way to moneytown! As you can see, the website provides a little “To Do” list to help maximize potential rewards. Next on the list was to gain referrals. Seemed easy enough. The program really is AWESOME after all… and the more people I shared it with, the more money I could make thanks to OhmConnect’s very generous referral program: Anyone who signed up through my referral link would *immediately* receive $20… and so would we, for referring them! I posted our link on Facebook along with a recommendation to tell everyone that I’m willing to vouch for this. It actually works! For realsie!


I immediately gained a couple referrals… which meant $40 in our pocket. It was very inspiring! So of course I had to share our link again whenever we had another Ohm Hour!

The next goal on our list was “Join a team”. I searched the available teams on the sight and not only did nobody I know belong to one but the team names themselves were pretty lackluster… so the husband and I created our own team!


Just like with our Ohm Hours, I took advantage of our newly-formed team status to promote our referral link again because, well, MONEY. 😉


When we gained our first follower, this fun little badge popped up. I won’t lie, I was tempted to paint half my face blue…


The team has gained a few followers since then but I’m still learning how to best promote it. Obviously we want to support each other in the common goals of saving electricity and, well, making money Money MONEY…so my continued research and involvement in that portion of the process will be ongoing. Today I downloaded the OhmConnect app and am hoping it provides a little more insight and helpful tools for team captains. Only time will tell. In the mean time though, I’m definitely not complaining about the progress we’ve made with OhmConnect:


If you’re curious, I strongly recommend giving OhmConnect a chance. It’s VERY easy to use, the website is cellphone-friendly and actually fun to play with PLUS the kids LOVE our little voluntary power outages… And *of course* I highly recommend using our referral link so you can get your INSTANT $20 (just make sure to complete the registration process, including adding your utility provider) and you’ll be helping our family out at the same time! Come on… you know you want to! Then join the Scrooge McDucks team!! How awesome would it be to have all my California readers on our team?! Best. Team. Ever. Just saying!

For your money-gaining convenience, here is our family referral link to sign up for OhmConnect:

If you have any trouble with the link, let me know…after you’re done enjoying OhmConnect’s awesome error screen:


You’re doing it right, OhmConnect. Carry on!


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