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Always-On Chromebook Cases (Side-by-side review)


I recently posted individual reviews for a couple pretty awesome always-on Chromebook cases: The Rugged Case from and the Zip Case from My original game plan was to try out each case for an extended period of time (at least a few weeks each), after which I would write the review for each one then narrow them down to my fave… Unfortunately that last part of the plan proved impossible. There’s literally *no way* to choose between them! Each case is incredibly unique and serves a very different role in my life (with the same common goal of keeping my kids… or my clumsiness… from smashing my brand new chromebook). In this post I will do my best to demonstrate the stark differences… and valuable similarities… of both, side-by-side.

Outer Styling and Appearance



Right away you can see how different the two cases are. The blue Zip Case is sleek, lightweight and conveniently portable. It’s my go-to case when I’m on the go because it fits comfortably inside the diaper bag and weighs next to nothing. The Rugged Case, on the other hand, is bulkier and slightly heavier due to the extra padding and large accessory pocket on the side. Still, I can’t stress how much easier it makes my life to keep my charging cord, headphones and other chromebook accessories in that huge pocket …so it’s my first choice for keeping the chromebook safe while in use at home (especially around my litter of rambunctious gremlins) and is perfect for storing it between uses. I’d be lying if I said it never left the house though. More than once, I’ve grabbed the removable shoulder strap (also kept in the accessory pocket), snapped it on and ran out the door. It’s a lifesaver when I need to leave in a hurry, am running late or don’t have the kids with me and don’t consequently need the diaper bag.



Both cases are made with extremely strong ballistic nylon and have little plastic ID windows. The Rugged Case has a unique, sporty two-tone black and gray color scheme that sets it apart from other always-on cases on the market, but the Zip Case is available in a huge variety of color choices.

Inner design and features


Both cases have features to allow air to circulate beneath the chromebook to prevent the device from overheating. The Zip Case relies on minimalist rectangular risers called “Air Cooling Pads” to provide the necessary lift without adding additional weight to the case. The Rugged Case lives up to its name with a unique system of “Cooling Channels” that accomplish the same goal while also providing additional protective padding. I can personally vouch for the fact that both options work equally well. I have never once had my device overheat (or even feel vaguely warm to the touch), even after several hours of continuous use in each.



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