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I hosted a Tryazon party… with Smores!


As of a few months ago, I had only just heard of Tryazon but still knew very little about their website or their events. From what I could tell, they worked with various brands to sponsor “parties” where new products would be demonstrated and pictures of such shared on social media. Admittedly, it sounded fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want free supplies and an excuse to host a get-together with friends? I had occasionally checked their upcoming “parties & events” but nothing had ever inspired me to actually apply as a host. Then one day recently I saw it. My favorite word EVER: “S’mores”.

Tryazon was accepting applications for potential hosts of a Sterno S’mores Party and I couldn’t click “apply” fast enough. I just knew I’d be a perfect fit for an event like that. For one, we are already a Sterno family. I collect vintage fondue pots. We eat Sterno-heated fondue at least once a month (in hindsight, I don’t know why we don’t own stock in the company…). Secondly, I have an addiction to S’mores. But really, who doesn’t? They’re ooey gooey and delicious. They bring up memories of campfires and tents, of gathering around the fireplace during power outages, of beach bonfires and warm summer nights laughing with family and friends… which is exactly what I said in my hostess application. Well, not *exactly* what I said, but enough so to sell myself as a s’mores (and Sterno) connoisseur.

And guess what? It worked! I was chosen to host a Sterno S’mores Party with Tryazon!

13483064_1082476031791491_6003388459687166443_o (1)

It all started with a congratulatory confirmation E-mail. Then came the hostess guide. Lastly, just days before the scheduled party, a huge box arrived at my door. It. Was. Glorious. Everything I needed was included: A Target gift card for s’mores supplies, coupons to hand out to my guests and *two* Sterno S’mores Makers (one to use for the party and one to give away as a door prize). It was like Christmas for me. I may or may not have asked the mail lady to say “Ho ho ho” as she handed it over.

Unfortunately our little apartment is incredibly stuffy when the weather warms up. We do have a nice big shaded front stoop though. I just pulled a table into the front yard (and by “I”, I really mean “my husband”), tossed a colorful plastic tablecloth on top and prepared to party! Of course I couldn’t demonstrate a new Sterno product without reminding my guests of classic Sterno too… which is my way of saying “What an awesome excuse to bust out some fondue!” In this case, *chocolate* fondue since it just so happens to make the best s’mores EVER. I chose to serve it in a bright yellow 1970’s fondue pot from Portugal to stick with the primary colors theme: Blue tablecloth, red s’mores maker, yellow fondue pot.

Throwing the fondue together was easy: I just melted a bag of semisweet chocolate chips with a splash of heavy cream (add more cream a bit at a time until you get the consistency you want… you can even do it in the microwave!) and chopped up a big bowl of strawberries and bananas. Setting up the S’more Maker was even *easier* though: I just filled the little nooks with marshmallows, graham cracker squares and chocolate bar pieces. I also put out a vase filled with fondue forks, set up the additional S’mores Maker box for guests to check out and laid out the complimentary coupons. DONE!


For entertainment (and to choose a winner for the extra Sterno S’mores Maker) I had originally planned to do some s’mores and dessert themed trivia, pub style. As the party date grew closer and closer though, it occurred to me that s’mores are more of a “reliving your childhood” dessert and pub trivia games didn’t really fit the theme. Luckily my 6-year-old son had the perfect suggestion: PIE FACE! Our family has been obsessed with the game since receiving it as a Great Pumpkin gift last Halloween. The “winner” in this case would be the person who gets nailed with pie the *least* amount of times after a determined number of rounds… since that person would *obviously* still be craving something sweet in their life, like s’mores!


Speaking of pie in the face, the party itself was a smashing success. We had a few people cancel last minute due to a medical emergency but compensated for it by inviting our neighbors to join us (and anyone who happened to walk by). The total attendance ended up being twice what we expected… and the party went on for several hours longer than anticipated (since people were coming and going)… but I had no problem demonstrating the Sterno S’mores Maker again each time a new person joined the fun. I ended up giving away every single coupon too. The nice thing about s’mores is that they make it easy to accommodate a large crowd (self assembled food!). Plus the convenient assembly trays on the S’mores Maker make plates optional, so running out of supplies was never a concern.

In the end, I’m absolutely in love with the Sterno S’Mores Maker (and so is my entire neighborhood) and the party was a huge success. I don’t regret opening the event up to our apartment complex either. Many of the neighborhood children that showed up had never had a s’more before. Never. In their entire lives. Seriously! One little boy actually said “This is just like in the movies!” So you can imagine how fun it was to share that experience. Literally *all* of the kids want to have s’mores at their next birthday parties now (and boy were their parents quick to snap up a coupon)! In fact, everyone was inspired to plan a potluck neighborhood BBQ for later this Summer. I was already asked to bring the Sterno S’mores Maker. 🙂




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