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Okiedog Sumo Diaper Bag (Review)



Anyone who knows me knows that I’m basically obsessed with Okiedog diaper bags. More specifically, the Okiedog Sumo is my diaper bag *muse*… Meaning it inspires me to actually attempt leaving the house with my four young children (a feat I would otherwise deem impossible).

In all seriousness Sumo is the roomiest diaper bag I’ve ever laid hands on, without itself being bulky and heavy. That makes it perfect for multiple children… or cloth diapering… or cloth diapering multiple children.

I’ll actually be reviewing my second Okiedog Sumo today. My original one met an untimely death at the hands of Mother Nature… but that’s another story. “Ol’ Red” still lives on fondly in our memories though, and on my Facebook timeline.

imageGertie especially misses it. But she’s a little too big to use it as a bed nowadays.

imageAnd look how pretty “Ol’ Red” looks on the Okiedog website… and in this awesome Okiedog YouTube video!

But today we’ll be checking out this sexy beast:

imageThe Okiedog Dahoma Sumo diaper bag in black/purple… :::Squeeeeeee!!!!::: And did I mention it also has an awesome YouTube video?

I intentionally chose the black this time because A) It won’t show dirt as easily as the beige accents on Ol’ Red did… which was a serious problem when we lived on a ranch immersed in red clay dust. B) My husband won’t be embarrassed to carry it in public (he’s admittedly not fond of the gorgeous floral pattern on my Ju-Ju-Be!). And C) It’s so darn pretty!!! I love the contrast of the purple against the black.

imageJust look how pretty the embroidery and details are!

…Not to mention, it matches the new stroller and car seat I’m getting!

imageThe Sit ‘N Stand double stroller and Flex Loc infant car seat by Baby Trend in “Elixer” purple.

Thanks to OhmConnect, I’ve got my hands on the infant seat already and the stroller is on the way. Once received I’ll share some pictures of the Sumo utilizing one of its many amazing accessories: The Clipix system!

Okiedog_clipix_buggyhaken_enlThe stroller adapters and these amazing diaper bag hooks come with the Sumo but just do a quick web search for “Clipix accessories” and prepare to have your mind blown. Cup holders. LED jogging safety lights. You name it!

The Clipix system is just the tip of the iceberg as far as accessories go though. The Sumo includes everything but the kitchen sink (but who knows? The kitchen sink may actually be included with next year’s model!). Best of all though, all the accessories match!

picsart_04-15-11.56.14.jpgEverything in this picture *comes with* the diaper bag: A big white drawstring dust bag (for storage when not in use, in case you have several diaper bags to switch out), the Clipix system, an insulated bottle bag, a diaper changing pad and a zippered wet bag.

The features that are built into the Sumo are just as amazing as the accessories too. My favorite is the versatility of carrying options. It has a built-in handle, a removable shoulder strap AND a hidden backpack option!

imageI use the shoulder strap 90% of the time but the backpack option is a lifesaver when I’m juggling kids and need both hands free. It’s also nice when we have to ditch the stroller but still walk a distance (like at theme parks when going on rides and exhibits) because all the weight isn’t confined to only one shoulder a a time.

And did I mention pockets? Because there are a LOT of pockets…

imageSnapping loop to attach pacifiers, toys, keys and other small items that are hard to find in big bags.

picsart_04-15-11.51.04.jpgThe two external side pockets are easily accessible and fit bottles perfectly. One is even insulated! 

imageUnder the front flap (with the Okiedog logo on it) is a “Mommy Pocket” with a Velcro closure. Aside from pockets perfectly sized for a wallet and cell phone, there is also a clip to attach car keys for easy retrieval. 

The best part (and my favorite feature) is by far the size though. With four kids, I need LOTS of storage space and the Sumo looks significantly nicer than dragging around a duffel bag or external frame backpack.

imageThis is a pillow. This is a pillow inside a diaper bag (with two water bottles too!). Any questions?

imageBanana for reference… and Mr. Potato Head because the kids added him to the shot while I was taking a break to change a diaper.

If you are interested in buying this diaper bag, you can find the Okiedog Dahoma Sumo Diaper Bag on Amazon. Otherwise to learn more about the Sumo and check out their other amazing bags, check out the Okiedog page on facebook.

Disclaimer: This item was provided to me for free in order to facilitate this review. Regardless, my opinion was not influenced in any way. I am providing my honest and unbiased perspective in hopes of helping my fellow humans in their shopping decisions. …You’re welcome for that!

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