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Rantings from an Amazon Top Reviewer

Yes, I’ve reviewed self-adhesive mustaches. Twice.

I’ve been a VIP reviewer on for a while now and this year decided to expand into Amazon as well. With a lot of hard work I’ve become one of their “Top Reviewers”. That means consumers trust me and sellers want my opinion. I am given the opportunity to review a LOT of stuff as a consequence, but I’m actually extremely selective about what items I accept for reviewing. Why? Because I don’t want anything that I’m not willing to actually get my hands dirty testing. I only write REAL honest breakdowns of the ups and downs of each product… a process that takes time. Basically, I *refuse* to trade “5 stars” for freebies (which I know is the popular belief behind such reviews). I only give completely honest and unbiased feedback. I also do regular maintenance on my old reviews to keep them updated on long-term use of the items. That being said, I occasionally come across  something special. I call these items my “game changers”.

These vacuum bags are great… and they suck… literally… Sorry, I had to!

Unlike other items that I’ve given positive marks, Game Changers are products that aren’t just great in their own respective categories,  but are things that I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without in my life. Basically, a Game Changer is an item so impressive that I’m dying to share it with the world… and from now on, I will!

The kids think they have their own crazy reality show, thanks to the WiFi camera.

Once a week, I will now be featuring one of my recently reviewed items on my blog. I am in no way obligated to share these items and will not be compensated in any way to do so. They are just amazing products that I really feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to “test drive”. They stood out from the other items and inspired me to share them with those I care about (and everyone else). Game Changers make me think “Wow! People need to know about this!”

I never have trouble finding a model for amber jewelry.

I’ll be including links to the items too, so you can check them out yourself if you’re curious. Again, nothing will be shared that I haven’t personally tried myself.


Cosplay monkey wrench. Cat for scale.

If you like the idea of my product review posts, please let me know. If you hate it, DEFINITELY let me know. If you can think of anything else you’d like included in the posts, I want to know about it. Feedback is always appreciated, good or bad.

That’s an inflatable lounger. And that’s a lounging two-year-old.


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