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Fruit Smoothie “Not-Otter” Pops

Yes, I am aware that it’s September and I’m supposed to be posting recipes that start with “Pumpkin Spice” and “Butternut” but I’m going to level with you here: I’m in California and it’s 96 degrees outside right now. Plus I just reviewed some AMAZING silicone popsicle molds that I’m dying to write about. So yeah, prepare yourself for a popsicle tutorial.

But first, let me tell you about these awesome popsicle molds! And again: I am in no way being paid to promote these. As a Top Amazon Reviewer I get to try out a lot of cool stuff. This is just one of the items I think is worth an extra shout-out. It’s so cool!!! I feel like I’m on a silicone binge lately since I just wrote about my beloved microwave popcorn popper last week but these molds are worth sharing too. Silicone molds have officially transcended the realm of candy molds and ice trays (although I have a few of those too!) and entered the world of ingeniously simple feats of design awesomeness. Take popsicles, for example. Making them at home is obviously healthier than the chemical laden crap you can buy at the grocery store. But those “shove a stick into a paper cup” projects on Pinterest result in hideously messy-to-eat treats. Traditional plastic molds take up the entire freezer…and still leave me mopping after the kids eat them. Otter Pops are amazingly clean to eat but don’t contain a drop of actual fruit.

This is where SimplyPOP silicone tube reusable popsicle molds come into play!

They’re so pretty. Oh so pretty…

All I can say is that they have the serving benefits of Otter Pops, the health benefits of homemade popsicles, are dishwasher safe, made from BPA-free food grade silicone and have little attached lids so you can totally fill them with cheerios when you don’t want the kids eating popsicles.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk “Fruit Smoothie Not-Otter-Pops”! 

Kids love them almost as much as adults do!


1 cup chopped fruit (I used strawberries and bananas

1 cup yogurt (I used honey-vanilla Greek yogurt)

Popsicle molds

It’s not rocket science.


Mix everything together. Scoop into molds. Freeze. Eat. Yum.

Leave room at the top for it to expand while freezing.
The best part about SimplyPOP silicone tube molds? They take up NO ROOM in our tiny overstuffed apartment-sized freezer. Just prop them up in a mug. Or throw them on their sides. It doesn’t matter!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Top Reviewer, this item was provided to me either for free or at a huge discount in order to facilitate a review on Amazon. I pride myself on being an honest person though, so my opinion was not influenced in any way. I am also in no way obligated (or compensated) to share it here. I test hundreds of products for Amazon reviewing. Only a fraction of them are shared on my blog. That’s because only a fraction of them are extraordinary… in my opinion, anyway!  

3 thoughts on “Fruit Smoothie “Not-Otter” Pops

  1. My simply pop microwave popcorn maker just arrived! I’m looking forward to getting home and trying it. What’s weird is that I ordered it on ebay (the only place I could find it) and it came in an Amazon Prime box. Lovingly, Suzi

    1. That’s so weird Suzi! My guess is that the Ebay seller probably shops on Amazon and re-uses the boxes. Still, I’m glad you found one! I just used ours today to make air-popped corn for the kids’ snack. We use it at least two times a week. Usually way more! Hope you love it as much as we do!

  2. Annie,
    I just spent my first weekend eating popcorn. I can now get rid of the other popcorn poppers I have. So it’s wonderful because it really does come clean. I rarely made popcorn because I hated cleaning up. The other microwave popcorn makers just never seemed clean after using them no matter what I used to clean them. Thank you for your review. My microwave is old and not that powerful so I have to keep it for 3.5 minutes – at 4 minutes it’s starting to burn. Please be well and happy. Lovingly, Suzi

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