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Smart Bluetooth LED Color Changing Light Bulb (Review)

Being the end of September, frugal people like ourselves are already budgeting, planning  and even doing our Christmas shopping. With that in mind,  I thought I’d share a product I recently had the opportunity to test that would make an unlikely Christmas gift for the music lover or tech geek in your life: A light bulb.

Now hear me out: This is not your run-of-the-mill twisty bulb. In fact it’s not twisty at all! At first glance, it actually looks pretty unassuming…

Yup. That’s a light bulb.

The magic happens when you download the iLight app and connect your phone to the light bulb via Bluetooth. With the app, you have a choice of thousands of colors to remotely change the bulb to. You can even set it to “Rainbow” to continuously change color (my kids’ favorite setting).

This video will show you how cool the Rainbow setting is!

The app is simple to use too. The “Shake” screen lets you shake your phone to change the bulb color. It’s like using a magic wand… which, of course, amuses my Harry Potter obsessed kids to no end! On the “Color Lamp” screen you can select the bulb color and effect (including a candle flicker!). The last screen allows you to set the bulb timer and sleep settings.

Screenshots from the app. Not rocket science (thank God!)

I don’t need to tell you how coo it would be to wake to your favorite color gently getting brighter. It’s like selecting your own sunrise! Or what if you’re going away for a few days? You can set the light to come on and off at scheduled intervals to give the impression that you’re still home to deter robbers. Very Handy!

Oh and did I mention the coolest part? IT’S A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER!!

The first time we used it when my parents were visiting, my mom could not for the life of her figure out where the music was coming from. She said it sounded like our kitchen had a professional built-in sound system! In reality, it was just the light bulb hanging in the fixture above the kitchen table. The sound quality is as clear as if it was coming from a real speaker and everything from music selection to volume is completely controlled by your phone. I use the “I Heart Radio” app while preparing dinner each night and it’s amazing.

From a gift-giver perspective, I also have to point out that it arrives in the most EASY to wrap box EVER.

I can imagine myself wrapping it right now.

If you are interested in purchasing it or just want to read more about this exact Smart Bluetooth LED Color Changing Light Bulb, just click on this link to check out the Amazon listing. Trust me when I say it’s totally worth it!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Top Reviewer, this item was provided to me either for free or at a huge discount in order to facilitate a review on Amazon. I pride myself on being an honest person though, so my opinion was not influenced in any way. I am also in no way obligated (or compensated) to share it here. I test hundreds of products for Amazon reviewing. Only a fraction of them are shared on my blog. That’s because only a fraction of them are extraordinary… in my opinion, anyway!   


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