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Aviator Goggles Are Hilarious On Little Kids!

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I’d focus on sharing some of my favorite cosplay, costume and dress-up items this month. I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to review these prior to Christmas (and even luckier to have tested them on a very gullible toddler while her brothers were at school) so the kids can get a big trunk full of dress-up clothes from Santa this year. Meanwhile, Evie is convinced we’re just opening boxes and playing with stuff “for Daddy’s work” that always disappears afterward because obviously Daddy took it to his office the next day. In reality Daddy works in a pretty typical office job, devoid of goggles, wigs and superhero capes [at least that I know of. Correct me if I’m wrong, honey!]. Regardless, she’ll probably just assume Santa was watching and saw how much she enjoyed some of these items… if she remembers them at all!

I’m starting the costume lineup with these amazing “Vintage” aviator goggles from Amazon seller “HAMIST”. I love that the lenses come is so many different colors. We have several friends with awesome Steampunk cosplays, so I can imagine how convenient it is to be able to choose goggle lens colors to coordinate with specific outfits. Although these are adult size goggles I personally chose the yellow because I’m hoping it will hide scratches the best, since mine will be intended for kid use. I guess we’ll see if I was right in a few months or so. With that in mind, if you want an update on the status of this item (or any others on my blog), feel free to comment on the bottom of the post in the future and tell me so. I’m happy to oblige!

My first impression of these goggles is that they arrived in an incredibly tiny box.

It’s so small. And square!

Obviously I soon discovered that the goggles easily fold in half, so the smaller box is just convenient for shipping purposes. The goggles themselves are surprisingly nice quality too. I mean, I wouldn’t wear them to fly an airplane and I’m not sure how well they’d hold up against bugs on an old timey motorcycle, but I expect to get a few years of daily abuse out of them in the kids’ dress-up clothes collection.


They have a very comfortable adjustable strap and the padding around the lens gives really nice cushioning. The lens is easy to see through and the materials all around feel very high-end. These would be fantastic for cosplay and comfortable enough to wear all day at a convention. And did I mention the convenient storage pouch they come with?


The best part though, is that they are FREAKIN’ ADORABLE on little kids!! I mean mind blowing adorable!!

Seriously, does it get cuter than that?!

If you want to purchase or read more about this item, you can check out their listing on Amazon by clicking here!

I’ll be posting more reviews of costume, cosplay and dress-up items all month too, so keep an eye on the homepage or sign up for E-Mail alerts of new posts if you want to see more.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Top Reviewer, this item was provided to me either for free or at a huge discount in order to facilitate a review on Amazon. I pride myself on being an honest person though, so my opinion was not influenced in any way. I am also in no way obligated (or compensated) to share it here. I test hundreds of products for Amazon reviewing. Only a fraction of them are shared on my blog. That’s because only a fraction of them are extraordinary… in my opinion, anyway!   

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