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The perfect wig …for scratching your way out of a well.

I’m trying to focus on how cute my little girl looks in this humorously large (on her) adult-sized wig but I just keep thinking “seven days”. Seven days in the well. Seven days after you watch the video (you know the one. With the fly?). Seven days… UNTIL HALLOWEEN! But if you still need a costume, I’ve got the perfect wig for you (as long as you have Amazon Prime for some speedy shipping)! Just slip into these long black tresses, add a dirty white nightgown and you can be everyone’s favorite little well-dweller from The Ring. Not only will you rock the haunts this Halloween but this wig is nice enough quality to re-style (yes, it’s stylable!) and reuse for some cosplay and sneaky undercover disguises year-round.

She never sleeps.

First of all, when you buy this wig you basically receive a wig-wearing starter kit in a pretty pink box, including:

  • 28′ long black wig
  • 2 Wig caps
  • comb
Secret identity in a box!

So it comes with everything you need to get a nice clean proper fit. But that’s not even the coolest thing about this wig. This is: It’s made from heat-resistant synthetic fiber… which means not only is it silky soft to the touch but you can actually style it with regular heat tools! And if it gets nasty from all that candy-fueled Halloween partying just wash it in cold water with a tiny bit of mild shampoo. Easy peasy!

Looks real, lined for comfort AND it has adjustable straps!

If you aren’t a frequent cosplayer or wig-wearer, you might need a little instruction to properly use those little hooks in the picture (a.k.a. adjustable wig straps). They are the difference between me wearing this wig and Evie wearing this wig… and it fitting both of us comfortably without slipping off! If that’s the case, I highly recommend watching this video on YouTube for instructions.

If you are interested in learning more about this item (or want to purchase it), check it out on Amazon! It *is* an Amazon Prime item, so there is still plenty of time to receive it before Halloween.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Top Reviewer, this item was provided to me either for free or at a huge discount in order to facilitate a review on Amazon. I pride myself on being an honest person though, so my opinion was not influenced in any way. I am also in no way obligated (or compensated) to share it here. I test hundreds of products for Amazon reviewing. Only a fraction of them are shared on my blog. That’s because only a fraction of them are extraordinary… in my opinion, anyway!   


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