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Evie’s Choice: CuteGirl Pretend Cosmetics… Just like Mommy!

When I asked the children to each pick their favorite toy for me to feature on the website this month, three-year-old Evie brought me half of her belongings. Needless to say, Mommy had to help her narrow her decision down a bit. The clear winner was chosen as a direct result of my daughter’s insatiable needs to paint every inch of her face (and the walls of the bathroom) every time she manages to sneak into my makeup bag. This toy offers a fun alternative that gives her the same satisfaction of “being just like Mommy” without creating the kind of mess that Mommy posts about on Facebook while crying. It also supports a good cause, uses child-safe materials and promotes freestyle pretend play…

Cutegirl Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup Kit


First Impression:

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear this was an actual bag of makeup… like the actual makeup I used to wear in junior high: Bright colors! Glitter! Purple nail polish! and those glittery pink makeup brushes would have totally matched my Caboodle. Needless to say, I totally swooned when Evie first dumped the cute little pink bag of pretend cosmetics onto the couch.

The materials used are very high quality too. They could be easily mistaken for actual drugstore cosmetics, which is good because I’ve tried in vain to get Evie interested in pretend “toy” makeup in the past (because, let’s face it, replacing real makeup gets expensive!) but my daughter isn’t interested in “toy” makeup. The fact that there isn’t any actual powder, polish, lipstick or lotion involved doesn’t seem to phase her either. Obviously she never actually looked in the mirror to know what Mommy’s makeup was doing to her face when she got into it… either that or she’s just happy not to be tackled with wetwipes so mommy can clean her up again. Either way, she’s content “applying her makeup” whenever I put my own on.

“Powder” compact
Makeup rushes


Evie literally won’t put this set down until she’s tried every single item… every single time! I love that she takes so much enjoyment from it and there’s something very entertaining about watching my child impersonate my own behaviors and habits, right down to the weird faces I apparently make when putting makeup on.

Glitter goes everywhere, right?
Nail polish and glitter powder

Final Thoughts:

Not only is this set made of wonderfully sturdy materials (so much so, it can easily be mistaken for real makeup!) with every little detail taken into consideration (the nail polishes actually have polish brushes attached! and the “powders” are textured to feel real to the touch!) but every purchase supports a great company and an even greater cause. Wonderland Industries is a California startup co-founded by two dads (who happen to be brother-in-laws) named Dan and Dave. Dan and Dave take pride in creating cool products with an emphasis on value… and they donate a percentage of the sales to Children’s Hospital! So really, it’s win-win-win: A very cool product that any girl would LOVE, supporting a good company with the sale and helping a worthwhile charity at the same time. What more could you ask for?


You can check out all the different CuteGirl Cosmetics sets on the company website here or purchase this exact Cutegirl Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeup Kit on Amazon with Prime shipping by clicking here.

Purple nail polish (the lids have attached polish brushes!)

Disclaimer: This item was provided to me for free in order to facilitate this review. I pride myself on being an honest person though, so my opinion was not influenced in any way. I am also in no way obligated (or compensated) to share it here. I test hundreds of products and only a fraction of them are shared on my blog. That’s because only a fraction of them are extraordinary… in my opinion, anyway!

Eye shadow time!



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